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Today, there is more less money for nursing! Everywhere they cut the money and reduces nursing stuff, to make more and more profit within to think about the consequences for the people.. We are moving fast in direction of the american way! The question is more and more :"Who will be able in further times to pay life, health, nursing and pension, when we go straight this way? Helmut Schröder said  in germany when he became canceler:" Everybody in our society is even responsible for prosperity and social security!" In short words, politics cannot help anymore! Help yourself !

O.K. What if the government needs money? Right, they let it print from the "Bundesbank". What about the small people of the street? Can he print money as well, if he needs something? No that's illegal. But there is one possibility today. In the moment there are more than 800 cryptocurrencies within the internet for every country and for every activity. But i haven't found a coin for nursing up till now. That's why i want to give nursing a face today in the world of cryptocurrency! This is the first try. You are welcome to create further the face of the nursing token. Join us and help that nursing will became payable in future times. In future times, i don't want to hear again the question:" Is nursing still payable?" I'd like to hera the question:"Do you pay with card or coin!" 

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